The Neighbours


Network: Avalanche
Circulating supply: 400,000 $NEIBR
Total supply: 1,022,000 $NEIBR
Initial Liquidity: 600,000$ (300,000$ in AVAX/6000 in $NEIBR)
Initial Circulation — 400,000
Team vesting contract — 102,200
Initial Unlocked — 25,550
Unlock every month — 76,650–6387.5
Initial circulation division — 400,000
Initial unlock — 25,550
Liquidity pool — 6000 NEIBR
Reward pool — 368,450
The team allocation will be vested, with 25% available from launch, and a equal amount percentage unlocking for the next 12 months
Liquidity will be lock for 12 months
The Neighbours treasury wallet have multi-sig to be more secure : 0x6D59d6F16432b0084Be4Fc8E0cB74b2382F324Cc
Only a property owner will be able to sell our native token on TradersJoe. This mechanism is set to protect our community from bots and swing traders joe.
The NEIBR token is listed on Traders joe you can find the direct link here
Token contract address: 0xE337a99fE0AC0F3E01A97167D21082A2Bb96326E