The Neighbours


The Neighbours is an NFT based Metaverse game that runs its own DeFi protocol,where the community can buy virtual real estate and start earning daily rewards. Unlike the real world, every single asset can be bought, sold, or traded through the NFT Market. Property owners will be able to contribute and grow the platform’s ecosystem. Neighbours owners will also be able to participate in the governance of the platform via a off Chain DAO, where they can exercise voting rights on key decisions of the ecosystem.
We have dedicated our time and energy towards establishing and founding a proper understanding of our landscape. We strongly believe in the future of NFT gaming that brings a new sustainable daily rewards. The competitive analysis helped us identify how our protocol will fit into this broader environment. We have understood the gaps that needs to be breached in the DeFi as a protocol and are looking into how to fill these gaps. In addition to this, we have defined our niche and identified our competitive advantage based on the strengths of our platform, thereby setting us apart from our competitors.