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Fees & Taxes

Property tax is a tax paid on Property owned by an individual. Property taxes are one of the main sources of revenue to keep to a sustainable protocol. Monthly property taxes will be mandatory for each Property owner.In order to keep your property active, you simply need to keep property tax fees up to date. You have 30 days from the date of missed payment until the property is deactivated. Owners will be able to pay up to 12 monthly in advanced of property fees
Condo: 10$ a month paid in $AVAX
Family Home: 13$ a month paid in $AVAX
Mansion: 17$ a month paid in $AVAX
Some taxes, such as the claim taxes, have variable rates. For these taxes, the rate depends on the category of your house. Owners can claim their rewards at any time, but this is subject to a 10% tax. We also have an anti-whale flex tax that will vary from 20-50% to protect the sustainability of our liquidity pool.
  • Claim Tax : 10%
  • Flex tax : 20-50%
  • Marketplace tax: 10%