The Neighbours


PROPERTY: Anyone who owns real estate in The Neighbours, will earn daily rewards depending on the level of the house they own and the quality of the Home Decor (assets) that they have. Rewards calculations will vary based on these two factors. In order to keep your Property active, all owners will simply need to keep their Property tax fees up to date.
NODES: The Neighbours NFT Nodes will give each of the property owners the power to help run our ecosystem, while earning rewards daily.
MARKETPLACE: The Neighbours’ web-based NFT marketplace will allow owners to buy, sell, trade their Properties and assets. All users will need at least one Home Decor attach to their property to be able to sell their property on the marketplace.
HOME DECOR (ASSETS): Owners will have access to three types of NFT assets: ultra-rare, rare, and common which can enhance daily rewards. Those same assets, boost utilized to gain exclusive access to future features beyond additional rewards. Once you have bought an NFT, you have the option to display it in any room of your house. All assets may be freely traded on the marketplace for $NEIBR tokens.