The Neighbours

Detailed Plan

We will use part of the funds obtained from property sales (NFTs), home decor sales (NFTs), property taxes, claiming taxes, and NFT marketplace taxes to not only distribute the daily rewards but to build our metaverse game. Experts estimate that the metaverse industry will soon be worth 3 trillion. The benefit of building our metaverse game is that it will increase the value of $NEIBR since it will be the utility token used to buy, sell, or trade any assets. The potential becomes limitless once the metaverse game is complete. You'll be able to rent your property to travelers who come to your neighborhood to shop at local shoe stores to buy limited NFT collections. Just like in real life, each time the neighborhood grows, you benefit from it. So, when our sales department team starts reaching out to businesses to open a location in our metaverse, it will increase the value of $NEIBR. Rare NFT collection partnerships with artists will bring NEIBR the exposure needed to grow further. Basically, your imagination is the limit since you will earn $NEIBR for throwing BBQ parties, house parties, book club sessions, and much more. All the tools necessary to build your ideal environment will be at your disposal. At NEIBR, you don't only play to earn but you live to earn.